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My Mom

My Mom

December 2, 2007 | Permalink


My condolances and prayers, Tom.

Posted by: steveegg | Dec 2, 2007 2:49:31 PM

Condolences for you and your family. She must have been a remarkable woman to raise such a creative son.

Posted by: Peter Cress | Dec 2, 2007 4:43:46 PM

Sorry for your loss, Tom.

Posted by: Tim | Dec 2, 2007 4:45:20 PM

My prayers and thoughts to you and your family at this time, Tom. I'm very sorry for your loss.

Posted by: John Holton | Dec 2, 2007 5:28:37 PM

Our condolences, Mr. McMahon.

Posted by: victor | Dec 2, 2007 6:31:47 PM

Our prayers are with you and your family.

Posted by: Dean | Dec 2, 2007 6:50:41 PM

Condolences and prayers.

Posted by: JCF | Dec 2, 2007 7:13:09 PM

Tom: Your mother and your family are in our prayers.

Posted by: Amy P. | Dec 2, 2007 9:50:41 PM

I'm so sorry, Tom. My thoughts are with you this morning.

Posted by: folkbum | Dec 3, 2007 4:25:08 AM

Condolences and prayers for you and your family.

Posted by: mark | Dec 3, 2007 9:09:02 AM

I live very close to Tonica. As is sung at funeral services ( I cannot say it better or deeper):

May the angels lead you into Paradise.
May the martyrs come to greet you on the way.
May they lead you home to the holy city,
to the new and eternal Jerusalem.

May the choirs of angels come to welcome you.
May they take you to the arms of Abraham,
where Lazarus is poor no longer,
and there may you find rest, rest eternal.

Lux eterna luceat eis. Requiescat in pace. Amen.

Posted by: Rico | Dec 3, 2007 9:50:31 AM

I'm sorry for your loss, Tom.

Posted by: Jason | Dec 3, 2007 11:11:35 AM

Dear Tom:

My thoughts and prayers and those of my family are with you at this difficult time.

Keep watch, dear Lord, with those who work, or watch, or weep this night, and give your angels charge over those who sleep. Tend the sick, Lord Christ; give rest to the weary, bless the dying, soothe the suffering, pity the afflicted, shield the joyous; and all for your love's sake. Amen.

God be with you.

Posted by: J | Dec 3, 2007 11:17:29 AM

My condolences Tom...my mother is the same age as yours. I lost my father a few years ago - it was much more of a kick in the gut than I expected. I imagine you're feeling about the same, about now. Don't forget to eat...

Posted by: Guy | Dec 3, 2007 7:57:34 PM

My condolences, thoughts and prayers go to you and your family. She sounds like she was an absolutely amazing woman, and had a lot to be proud of in you.

Posted by: Nick | Dec 3, 2007 9:11:18 PM

All our prayers, Tom.

Posted by: Fuzz Martin | Dec 5, 2007 4:52:38 AM

Please accept my condolences.

Posted by: twokats | Dec 5, 2007 3:05:06 PM

May her love enfold you still. Here's a hug.

Posted by: Gina Cobb | Dec 6, 2007 12:56:41 AM

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