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One-Way Rental of U-Haul 26-Foot Truck To and From Milwaukee

March 29, 2009 | Permalink


One more item to consider; U-Haul knows that "one-way" trucks to Milwaukee will not come back empty-bedded, while it figures that the likelyhood that a truck leaving Milwaukee will most likely have to be driven back by somebody paid by U-Haul to make the trip.

Posted by: steveegg | Mar 30, 2009 8:40:45 AM

Yes, please stop moving to Dallas. Traffic's bad enough as it is.

Posted by: Nonchalant Savant | Mar 30, 2009 3:43:46 PM

I escaped FROM Wisconsin!!

Posted by: Sharpshooter | Mar 30, 2009 10:13:01 PM

This cartoon = win.

My wife and I moved from Milwaukee to San Antonio back in November, at the height of the gas prices. One way, including all gas, ran just shy of $2000-- and that was only because gas prices went down as we drove further south. The job market, the political market, the tax market... They say everything's bigger in Texas, but unemployment is 2% less, there's no state tax, and the budget here is consistently in the black even without that revenue.

Yeah. I can believe those numbers above. Kudos, Tom.

Posted by: Trailsong | Mar 31, 2009 12:02:34 PM

In addition to everything mentioned by "Trailsong," (Texas: no income tax, unemployment < 2%) one can also add that heating costs in San Antonio in the winter nearly drop to zero and one can minimize air conditioner costs in the summer by living in the right kind of house. Also, it appears that the costs of groceries in San Antonio are about half the cost found in Los Angeles. Compared to much of the rest of the country, it is very inexpensive to live in San Antonio. The population is over a million but it still has a nice small town feel to it.

Great site, 4-Block World.

Posted by: Bruce Oksol | Mar 31, 2009 10:52:39 PM

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The job market, the political market, the tax market...

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