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Like Two Ships Passing In The Night

June 1, 2009 | Permalink


Tom, I think this is the link to your inspiration. Please correct if not.


Ironic that the source is Pravda. You'll get it from them and not the MSM.

Posted by: John Galt | Jun 1, 2009 11:13:18 AM

I predicted many years ago, I forget exactly when, probably about the time of Reagan when the wall was coming down, that Russia and USA would converge economically over time. Happened about as I expected.

You know, the lifestyle of Britain and France is not that bad. I'm not so sure socialism might not be the way to go, as long as you know the rules.

Posted by: Bruce Oksol | Jun 1, 2009 3:25:21 PM

And the rules are simple.

If you're in power, you get to do whatever you want.

If you're not in power, and you want something, you have to kiss ass.

Otherwise, you pay for everything: Second rate education, second rate healthcare, second rate army, second rate but very intrusive bureaucracy. Oh, and you pay for a government that does its best to stifle businesses and economic growth.

Posted by: lpdbw | Jun 2, 2009 8:44:53 AM

> If you're not in power, and you want something, you have to kiss ass.

This happens under capitalism, too, but there, there is at least the possibility of charity.

It's not so much that capitalism doesn't have this sort of problem, it's a matter of who you have to appeal to -- some capitalist's guilt or a bureaucrat's better nature.

Which one would **you** rather depend on an appeal to?

(Hint: if it's the latter, go down to the DMV and tell them you have a problem).

Posted by: O Bloody Hell | Jun 3, 2009 3:40:41 AM

poor Russians

Posted by: Obama | Oct 21, 2009 2:45:41 AM

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