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So Who Should Be Mad About This?

So Who Should Be Mad About This?

October 27, 2009 | Permalink


Hey! We're not allowed to talk about stuff like that! It's verboten! That's off limits! How dare you?!?

Posted by: mike | Oct 28, 2009 9:54:24 AM

It all comes down to the gov't forcing business into some bizarre type of "social justice." Whatever the hell "social justice" means.

If you visit Oleg Atbashian's page at Pajamas Media, you can read his take on socialism and why it always ends up doing the opposite of what it tries to fix. He should know, he suffered through the Soviet Union/Russia for years.

Posted by: TooMuchTime | Oct 28, 2009 12:14:50 PM

"Social justice": a misguided idealist's notion of how things should be. Usually accompanied by a profound rejection of the reality of how things are.

Posted by: Sparticus | Nov 3, 2009 1:26:12 AM

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