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The Prophet Is Revealed

The Prophet Is Revealed

October 30, 2009 | Permalink


How's this for dangerous foreign policy naïveté and arrogance?:

"We Will, In Fact, Be Greeted As Liberators"

Posted by: tpulley | Oct 30, 2009 3:24:02 PM

He's got a point there, Tom. :)

Posted by: Maven | Oct 31, 2009 9:56:03 PM

> He's got a point there, Tom. :)

If you're referring to the one on his head, it's not that obvious if he combs his hair correctly.

We were greeted as liberators in 1945 in Germany and Japan. Strangely, there were plenty of people who attempted to resist the changes then and there, too, who had a vested interest in keeping things as they were.

I think millions of people with purple fingers aloft were hardly a sign of a widespread sense of oppression....

But hey, who cares about facts like that when you can make up really, really cool idiotic little statements that fit on bumper stickers? They certainly have that part down pat.

When your world view on a major topic can be expressed in one sentence, that's not a "world view" -- it's tunnel vision.

Posted by: O Bloody Hell | Nov 1, 2009 1:58:49 PM

Aw, come on, Tom. Those flowers they were handing out to the troops marching into Baghdad were symbols of hatred and resentment. Everyone knows it. Well, everyone who's a useful idiot knows it. Less intelligent people think it meant they were happy to see our soldiers throw out Hussein. But those people simply never listen to NPR, so what do they know?

Posted by: mike | Nov 1, 2009 8:18:32 PM

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