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The Decline of the Democratic Party

The Decline of the Democratic Party

July 20, 2010 | Permalink


1988 - Dukakis rides in a tank, completely failing to look as hardcore as Margaret Thatcher.

2000 - Al Gore believes that voters would give 2 shits about substantiated arguments when going up against charismatic one-liners.

2004 - John Kerry refuses advice from a speech coach, proceeds to bore everyone senseless any time his mouth opens.

2008 - Democratic senators panic with feeling of success then undermine each other to restore normalcy.

And many, many more I'm sure.

Posted by: tpulley | Jul 20, 2010 11:50:29 PM

I like this one! Good job!

Posted by: KauaiMark | Jul 21, 2010 2:41:54 PM

You genuinely think Bush really isn't to blame for the state of the country, don't you?

Posted by: C. Sandy Cyst | Jul 22, 2010 10:27:46 AM

The banking laws that were re-written under Pres Clinton, forced bad loans to people who couldn't afford them. Money poured into the system and everyone made out...for a while, until the bad loans began defaulting. This is an easily verifiable, objective fact. The Democrats fooled with the free markets and forced banks to make loans they would not otherwise have gone near. Then they blame it on Bush and say that free enterprise is not working. It wasn't free enterprise that did this and it certainly wasn't Bush. Start reading about the "Community Reinvestment Act" under Carter and re worked under Clinton. Read up. You'll have to hunt a bit, because, naturally, you won't see it on CNN or in the NY Times; they are busy blaming Bush and Cheney.

Posted by: McGonnigle | Jul 23, 2010 4:45:46 PM

You want to know how far to the Left the Democratic party has gone? JFK, their wonderboy, CAMPAIGNED in 1960 on a tax-cut for the middle class! Yup! If he came back to life they'd have to rip him as a "greedy, rich, white guy".

The thing people don't realize is that all the good ideas of the Democrats were long ago made into laws. But every time they achieve any part of their agenda, they immediately shift it 10 yards to the Left...and rinse and repeat.

Posted by: McGonnigle | Jul 23, 2010 4:48:41 PM

Presidents have far less influence over the country than is popularly believed. On the other hand, it is the Congress that actually crafts legislation; all the president can do it veto it (and that can be overridden).

Tell me, Sandy, which party has been in the majority in Congress for most of the past 100 years? At that party's feet lies the blame for much of what is wrong with America, regardless of who occupied the White House.

Posted by: Sparticus | Jul 25, 2010 11:20:32 PM

The president may not have all the 'official' influence, but he can do plenty to influence the direction of the country, including: going to war, nominating Supreme Court justices, making deals with congressmen, etc.

Examples: We are fighting in Iraq almost 9 years due to the influence of a president, we have a president who pushed federal health care through congress, a past president put in a few conservative justices, the current one is about to install a liberal one. Past presidents campaigned hard for more home ownership, and here we are. Lots more come to mind.

Posted by: Maven | Jul 27, 2010 3:04:49 PM

> You genuinely think Bush really isn't to blame for the state of the country, don't you?

Since I've actually paid attention to something other than the Network TV News Anchors and Democratic Shills, yes.

He -- and the GOP -- does have some culpability for failing to act as they could have at certain points, to prevent the Dems from doing what they did to the economy. But it is a clear failure of omission, not one of commission. The Dems bear about 65% of that.

A casual breakdown of "Who's at fault and how much":
65% Dems
20% GOP
10% Greedy Finance Types
5% Greedy Home Buyers.

Posted by: O Bloody Hell | Jul 28, 2010 6:54:54 AM

P.S. At the heart of it all was Fannie and Freddie.

Bush solution:

Democratic response to administration attempts to call attention to the dangers of the GSE's accounting BS:
"Fannie and Freddie are wonderful"
"I want to continue rolling the dice"
(guess what? Eventually it went craps)

Posted by: O Bloody Hell | Jul 28, 2010 7:04:08 AM

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